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Post  Kay on Thu May 19, 2011 9:35 am

MY BACKGROUND: I am Creole and originally from Houston. My mother is from Natchitoches, LA. My father is from a small town near Lafayette, LA. New Orleans is by far my favorite place to visit. I grew up in a very traditional, Creole environment. My mother cooked for us daily. Listening and dancing to zydeco was the norm. So, let's just say, I know a little about Creole food.

FOOD: 5 stars
The food is authentic Creole food. The food reminds me of my mother's and my aunts' cooking. All of the food is well seasoned. There is an explosion of taste with each bite. Some of the food is spicy. But not all dishes are spicy. Unfortunately, most places think seasoned = spicy. That isn't true. Les Fleur de Lis gets it right.

My favorite entrée item is the Blackened Catfish.

I highly recommend the SUNDAY BRUNCH. It is the best time to sample most of the menu items. Brunch also includes a made-to-order omelet, endless Mimosa (champagne + orange juice), and desert. (The Banana Foster is excellent.) Cost is $25. If you RSVP by Saturday at 11-pm, you get $5-off.

SERVICE: 3 stars
The wait staff is friendly and nice, yet, service is slow. Recommendations: Be patient and remember your waiter's name. You may have to call it out to get his/her attention at times.

The restaurant is clean. Most of my experiences there have been pleasant. Silverware, glassware, and flatware was readily available and clean. However, the last time I visited, water was following from the A/C duct.

Overall, I recommend this restaurant. If you like authentic Creole food, this is the place. I have seen step improvements with each visit. The owners and managers are receptive to compliments and improvement suggestions. Hope to see you there for a Sunday brunch!


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