Taylor C's Yelp Review

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Taylor C's Yelp Review

Post  Taylor C on Thu May 19, 2011 9:38 am

I was fairly worried after reading the previous reviews of this place. Thankfully my experience was one for which I was happy to write a positive review!

This is overall a pretty solid place. Just got back from a Valentine's Day dinner, where my wife and I ordered a shrimp po-boy and the creole butter shrimp. After spending 4 years in New Orleans, the food was quite a surprise. We have been to two other 'creole/cajun' restaurants since we moved here a few months ago, and Le Fleur de Lis was definitely the best. The shrimp po-boy with remoulade was very good. The shrimp were good size, and it was a little difficult for wife to close the bread around all the shrimp to eat. The creole butter shrimp was also quite good. The lemon squares we had for dessert were decent, but not great.

Definitely a good representation of Louisiana dining in my book. Reasonable prices, good food, and nice people make for a good place. We would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes this type of food!

Taylor C

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