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Matt A's Review

Post  Matt A on Thu May 19, 2011 9:39 am

o start, every establishment takes time to grow especially in a growing neighborhood. So to address the comments regarding lack of patronage I would discourage those reading to be swayed by the lack of people in the restaurant--GET OVER IT!

Upon walking into the restaurant I was overwhelmed by the various paintings hanging throughout the restaurant. Having lived in New Orleans for a while myself it was nice to see colors and pictures that depicted a little of the feel of my former home. Though no there was no hostess upon walking in--considering it was only 11:30am-- I was warmly greeted by the bartender/co-owner who I believe was named Tony. Upon seating us he quickly made accomodations to seat our party of five. Eventually some very delicious cornbread was brought out to us which was honestly the best cornbread I have ever had. Though I am sure it was 300-400 cal. per piece thats about the amount I consume per bite when in New Orleans Smile.

Between the ambiance and the good music the setting was perfect for a relaxing time out with friends.

Now to the food!!! My friend got the chicken and sausage gumbo while the rest of us chose to wait for our entrees. Not being a fan of gumbo myself-- I know I know shoot me!-- I tried his. What I tasted was a great balance of flavor, spice and texture. Some rues can be too starchy and overcome with flavor or completely lacking in it. This much better than what I'd experienced in the past. For my Entree I had the Catfish over red beans and rice, which came with asparagus. In a work EXCELLENT. What seemed to be a parmesan mustard-like sauce was a perfect compliment to the catfish. One of my friends who is currently vegetarian was more than accomodated with extra veggies to go with her red beans and rice, which she enjoyed. My other friend had the pork chops with red beans and rice. He was equally enamored with tasty goodness by his meal as well.

Service was friendly very talkative and everything I would expect from a southern establishment.

The only reason I am not giving this place 5 stars is because I feel everyone can always improve. That is not to slight this place at all but all new businesses have there shortcomings, especially in the beginning. I choose to offer constructive criticism because I think this place has potential. Some suggestions though:
1) more formal vegetarian options
2) Quicker waiting service(note the speed picked up during our meal)
3) A liquor license

I love the idea of black owned businesses and I hope that more will support them through their beginnings than assault them and I hope the establishment will continue to have the humility to improve

BTW I strongly recommend the Catfish ENTREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and be sure to ask for Cornbread!

Matt A

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